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“We’ve seen, in the past few years, this return to matchmaking—growing numbers of people who want humans to matchmake them, because they’re sort of fatigued with apps,” says Weigel.

“Video dating felt more like matchmaking.” There was a person in the room with you, asking you questions about you as though they really cared.

But at the time, video dating was considered somewhat scandalous.

Our current technological climate seems like the perfect place to resuscitate video dating—after all, we’re already curating our Snapchat stories 24/7. When You Tube launched in 2005, it was originally supposed to be a dating website—until its founders discovered that people wouldn’t post dating videos to it even if they paid them.

“You definitely see the dynamic of niche-ification that happens with dating apps now.

By the mid-’80s you have ‘Mazel Dating for Jewish Singles,’ or ‘Soul Date a Mate,’ which is this LA-based one for African-Americans,” says Weigel.

That led to a complaint filed Tuesday that the Bellevue-based dating service had been overpromising its goods with high-pressure sales pitches.

The local affiliate of Great Expectations - a company called DMZ Group, LLC - also signed a settlement in which it agreed to restrict its marketing practices and give partial refunds to unsatisfied customers.

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